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Global Village Marketplace

Traditionally we also raise money during the WOSonOS. In the main meeting room each year we set up a table for the “Global Village Marketplace”. Participants are invited to bring such things as folk art, crafts, fabric, jewellery and toys from their region, their own art or poetry or books and place these items on the table with a sign indicating cost and an envelope nearby for collecting money. Participants shop and pay for their items during the event. In this way participants can raise money they donate to the Access Queen Fund or to help reimburse some of their own expenses in getting to the WOSonOS.

Silent Auction

We also set up a table for the Silent Auction, where participants place a special item next to a card describing the item, who donated it, what it is worth, a lowest minimum bid, and lines below it for each next bidder to write their names and their own (higher) bid. The Auction and Global Village Marketplace are announced at the beginning of the event. Towards the end of the WOSonOS participants are given a last chance to bid the highest for the items they desire before the Silent Auction closes. At a time before Closing Circle begins whomever is coordinating the Auction should collect the bidding cards and make big signs listing every item and who ‘wins’ (gets to pay for) the item.

The Talking Stick

The WOSonOS uses the same Talking Stick which Chris Corrigan introduced to the conference at the Vancouver event in 2001. When OSonOS came to Vancouver in 2001 Chris wanted to acknowledge the traditional territory upon which we were gathered, and the practices and gifts of wisdom, stewardship and governance that come from the First Nations of this part of the world, who have owned, cherished, loved and governed their territories in an unbroken chain of responsibility and sustainability for more than 15,000 years, from time immemorial. This particular stick was carved by a Heiltsuk carver, which is a Nation that lies about 300 km to the north of where Chris lives. Since than the Stick is part of our tradition. During the closing we pass the traditional Talking Stick on to the next Host Team.